about us-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

 about us-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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fully fusing health, beauty and advanced technology through connecting people, nature, the world and future trends is how goertek will become one of the world’s leading enterprises.



goertek cooperates with enterprises like qualcomm in order to integrate hardware & software technologies into our products. goertek has built strategic cooperation with some of the world’s most well-known universities and academies in the fields of acoustics, optics, metallography, automation, software and ai.

goertek by the numbers

goertek is headquartered in weifang, china, with regional headquarters in beijing, east china, south china, taiwan, japan, europe and the u.s. the integration of global r&d and marketing resources makes goertek become the international operating platform.


● goertek electronics, inc.


● goertek europe aps
● dynaudio holding a/s


● beijing goertek investment management co.,ltd.
● beijing goertek technology co.,ltd.

weifang headquarter

● goertek inc.
● weifang goertek electronics co.,ltd.
● weifang goerlight co.,ltd.
● weifang goertek trading co.,ltd.
● weifang goertek precision manufacturing co.,ltd.
● weifang goertek communication technology co.,ltd.
● goertek optical technology co.,ltd
● goertek dynaudio co.ltd
● weifang lokomo precision industry co.,ltd.

qingdao r&d base

● qingdao goertek technology co.,ltd.
● qingdao goertek microelectronics research institute co.,ltd.
● qingdao goertek precision manufacturing co.,ltd.
● qingdao goertek commercial factoring co.,ltd.
● goertek technology co.,ltd.
● goertek microelectronics co., ltd.
● qingdao goertek intelligent sensor co.,ltd
● qingdao realtime technology co.,ltd.
● qingdao virtual reality institute co.,ltd.
● olive smart hardware investment center


● nanjing goertek technology co., ltd.


● shanghai goertek technology co.,ltd.
● dynaudio(shanghai)co.,ltd.
● goertek investment co.,ltd.


●shenzhen goertek technology co.,ltd.
●shenzhen mototek smart technology co., ltd.

hong kong

● goertek(hongkong) co.,limited.


● goertek technology vietnam co.,ltd.
● goertek vina co.,ltd


● goertek technology korea co.,ltd.


● goertek technology japan co.,ltd.
● goertek shinnei technology co.,ltd.


● goertek technology taiwan co.,ltd.
49 chinese offices 12 international offices 32000 patents 85000 employees