beihang university receives¥200 million donation from goertek-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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beihang university receives¥200 million donation from goertek-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2016-05-03   source:beihang university  
in the afternoon on may 3rd, 2016, the donation ceremony was held in beihang university. bryan (jiang bin - an alumni of beihang university and chairman of goertek) gifted 200 million yuan to beihang university. the donation will be used for cutting-edge scientific research through supporting: the industrialization of high-tech achievements; the development of high-level international talent; supporting and rewarding outstanding students; cultivation of student innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

in the ceremony, wei zhimin (vice president of beihang university), introduced the specific circumstances of the donation of goertek, liu shuchun (vice president of beihang university) and long (vice chairman of goertek) signed a donation agreement representing both sides between beihang university and goertek.

academician xu huibin, chancellor of beihang university, awarded a donation certificate to  chairman bryan, and issued a letter of visiting professor appointment to vice chairman long.

under the agreement, the donation will be used to support beihang university accelerate the construction and development of world-class university education. the donation will be mainly used in three areas: first, the establishment of "smart innovation technology research institute" and support the scientific achievements transformation of vr, intelligent systems, and microelectronics etc. second, the establishment of "goertek outstanding young scholars visiting scholarship", which will support 10 outstanding young scholars to study in excellent foreign institutions every year. third, the establishment of scholarships for students and "shen yuan foundation" which is named after an honorary president. the foundation will be used to award outstanding student, “shen yuan medal" winner and "beihang example" etc.

in recent years, beihang university adheres to the development concept "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing", having the world vision and forward thinking to seize the opportunity, planning strategic blueprint and accelerating the establishment of world-class university with the character of "space, sky and communication". beihang focuses on breaking through the bottlenecks in key technology, following the national strategic needs and international academic front. in the past 10 years, beihang has won nine first awards of the national science and technology. beihang also makes effort to promote the establishment of first-class disciplines, having two national first disciplines, and its "advanced aero engine innovation center" was selected into the first national "2011 plan". beihang pays attention to cultivate and recruit high-level talent, having fostered 8 academicians in 6 years, with the average age of 50. beihang strives to build university-enterprise cooperation and innovation-driven development. the "unicorn unmanned helicopter system" team won the first championship of "internet " innovation and entrepreneurship.

at the donation signing ceremony, bryan said, "when someone drinks water, he must not forget where it comes from". as a person who has left beihang for 30 years, bryan always be grateful for the cultivation of beihang. in recent years, the alumni from all over the world feel encouraged by the outstanding achievements of beihang. he will never forget the educational philosophy: "advocating morality and be pragmatic, truth-seeking and innovation", and the motto: "integrity of ability and moral, knowing and doing", which have become spiritual power for goertek to keep on developing. the donation represents the love from a beihang-man to his alma mater, it is also sincere hope that beihang will become a world-class university. he believes that through the research cooperation, with the support of beihang university, the innovation and industrial upgrading of goertek will also be promoted.

president xu huibin expressed heartfelt thanks for the generosity of goertek. he said, this was the largest single donation since the establishment of beihang, and beihang would make good use of the funds to accelerate the pace of building a world-class university.

secretary of the party committee zhang jun said the donation from bryan on behalf of goertek to beihang would help beihang promote the development of becoming a world-class university. beihang and goertek would build a "smart innovation technology research institute" platform, which would not only improve the level of scientific research and original innovation, but also help to guide the industrialization of high-tech achievements.

goertek was founded by bryan in 2001, the key business of which consists of science & technology, investment, brand and life. it is one of the global leading company in micro-electro-acoustic, next-generation computing platforms and intelligent hardware. goertek has world-class scientific and technological innovation teams, researching the core technology and product development. it also has extensive resources and experience for transformation and market promotion of scientific and technological achievements. it holds the world-leading positions in many areas.

academic committee director zhao qinping, vice secretary of the party committee, cheng jiwei, president assistant li junfeng and zhang guang, goertek officials, beihang office of party & administration council, propaganda department, personnel department, finance department, graduate school, student affairs department, the alumni association, education foundation, electronic and information engineering school and some other units attended the ceremony.