ride on the vr ship, meet with opportunities-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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ride on the vr ship, meet with opportunities-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2016-04-16   source:goertek  

on april 16th 2016, 2016 china vr/ar summit, co-sponsored by zhidx and jiguo, was held in beijing crowne plaza. leaders from government, academia and industry chain talked in-depth about the "sore point" of vr/ar industry and expressed their insights with participants.

2016 china vr/ar summit had an experience zone designed for vr/ar companies to display their vr products and contents. participants can find superior vr/ar products, including microsoft hololens, oculus rift, htc vive, samsung gear vr 3, and experience a fabulous virtual reality created by those products.

in the summit, internet content providers and investors made excellent speeches. youku, letv and mango tv announced their vr strategies for the first time. as the largest vr industry operator, netdragon delivered the keynote speech "build a vr ecosystem". arm, antvr and hiscene interpreted their understandings about new hardware revolution driven by technology in the summit forum.

as a renowned odm integrated vr products manufacturer, goertek was involved in this summit. catherine feng, vice president of goertek, gave the keynote speech "ride on the vr ship, meet with opportunities". the speech consisted of three parts: an overview of the vr industry, a summary of goertek's position within the vr industry and the future of the vr industry.

goertek has core technical skills in the field of vr hardware r&d and manufacture. goertek also plans a comprehensive layout for vr product.

in terms of acoustics, goertek acquired am3d, a company specialized in 3d audio enhancement algorithm, 3d positional audio technology and high-density reverb algorithms, to increase user immersion.

in terms of optics, goertek established a joint venture with taiwan gusong in 2014 and repurchased all shares in 2016. this company focuses on designing and manufacturing lens used in camera, mobile phone and vr devices, among which vr lens has been widely used in vr hmd.

in terms of vertical integration, goertek is the world's leading total solutions provider of sound, light and electron. goertek has the r&d capability in component fields, such as microphone, speaker, sensor, lens, linear motor, antenna, connector and fpc. goertek is able to provide clients with a one-stop solution, including molding, stamping, cnc processing, surface treatment, flexible automation, etc.. in regard to integration of complete machine, goertek can offer comprehensive service, such as id design, rf design, acoustic design, optics design, machinery design, etc.

in order to maintain its competitive advantages in vr hdm research and development, goertek plans to keep upgrading pc vr hmd and vr consoles, increases technology application in eye tracking, gesture recognition, 3d audio and slam in 2016 and 2017. goertek prepares to introduce 4k oled screen and 100~150 degree fov lens. besides, goertek is planning products for peripheral hardware field. products include 6dof dynamic seat, vr 3d audio headphones, vr controllers, etc. goertek will also develop 4k 360° panoramic camera and uav camera, as content collection plays a significant role in vr industry development.  

goertek collaborates closely with qualcomm and institutions, such as stanford university and beihang university. goertek strives for success through providing our clients with better and qualified products and service.