bryan (jiang bin, goertek’s chairman) visits imr-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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bryan (jiang bin, goertek’s chairman) visits imr-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2016-05-05   source:goertek  

on may 5th, jiang bin (bryan, chairman of goertek) and vice presidents yoshi kaz, george jiang and feber feng (as well as three others) went to the institute of metal research (imr) to showcase the cooperation between goertek and imr. the institute's director yang rui, deputy director tan ruobing, and other personnel from the nonequilibrium metal research department, the titanium alloy research department, the advanced carbon materials research department, the functional film and interface research department, the institute & enterprise cooperation department also attended the conference.

director yang rui extended a warm welcome to bryan (jiang bin, goertek’s chairman), talking about how imr has been focusing on research in emerging industries such as functional materials technology over the last few years. imr hopes to incorporate goertek’s deep understanding of trends in the consumer electronics industry to better guide imr’s industry-leading developments in r&d. 

bryan mentioned that since goertek was founded, we have acquired a large number of high-quality clients, including samsung, apple, hp and many more. goertek posesses a competitive position in the audio industry. however the company is also faced with transformation pressure now. he anticipates that goertek will continue to lead the development of the industry through capitalizing on state-of-the-art technologies. furthermore, bryan introduced the development trends and technical demands that will influence consumer electronics in the future. consumer electronics are more sophisticated than traditional products, which require higher performance materials, more stable yields and lower cost. goertek is expected to strengthen the cooperation with the institute of metal research to focus on the development of new materials that can be applied in the consumer electronics industry soon.

after the meetings concluded for the day, both groups discussed several topics, including the establishment of the development platform, personnel training, domestic cooperation and transformational achievement goals. bryan and the others listened to the briefing describing the development of functional pellicle, amorphous alloys, titanium, high-energy and wearable battery technologies. then the group visited laboratories and learned about the progress of early-stage joint-development cooperation projects. finally, at the end of the day, the group exchanged in-depth opinions about future partnership with researchers.