goertek released a second generation ar reference design based on snapdragon xr2-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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goertek released a second generation ar reference design based on snapdragon xr2-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2022-05-20   source:goertek  

qingdao, china, may 20, 2022 -- may 20th, 2022, goertek collaborated with qualcomm technologies, inc. to unveil the new wireless ar (augmented reality) smart viewer reference design based on the snapdragon® xr2 platform. it is designed to improve time to market for vendors who would like to develop ar products based on snapdragon xr2 platform.

in march, 2021, goertek collaborated with qualcomm technologies to launch the 1st generation ar reference design based on the snapdragon® xr1 platform. compared to the first reference design, the new wireless ar smart viewer reference design offers more efficient processing, higher computing capability, with better transmission. in addition, this wireless ar reference design has a wi-fi 6 / 6e and bluetooth® connectivity to allow wireless streaming connection with wider bandwidth and lower latency. the glasses can be wirelessly tethered to a mobile phone or pc through wifi 6/6e and bluetooth, and has a complete hardware configuration to support various application scenarios such as office work, game entertainment, task guidance & remote assistance, learning & simulation training.

goertek and qualcomm technologies have been closely collaborating on xr since 2015. goertek joined the qualcomm® hmd (head-mounted display) accelerator program in 2017. with years of continuous investment and accumulation in vr/ar, goertek offers one-stop solutions from product development and design to manufacturing for vr/ar products. goertek provides one of the most cutting-edge vr/ar reference design for the industry based on the powerhouse snapdragon computing platform, combined with goertek's technical advantages in acoustics, optics, sensors, and material applications and profound vertical system integration capabilities, to assist downstream enterprises in the industry chain to accelerate product time to market.