move with sound through multi-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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move with sound through multi-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2023-03-17   source:goertek  

        on march 17, the second goertek new technology sharing session was held in shenzhen, china, during which the new generation of loudspeaker and multi-dimensional immersive tactus solution were released.


        in acoustics, dipole speaker for adaptive sound field (dps) combines both sound quality and privacy can clearly improve call privacy and stereo effect. to enhance tws headphone sound quality, goertek launches sbs-can speaker with hifi quality, with effective bandwidth expanding to 40khz with its size reduced by nearly 33% compared to similar products. in response to the requirement of folding screen mobile phones/pad/pc for extreme thinness, goertek introduced the razor-thin rhythm-z speaker. this product achieves better quality while reducing thickness by over 22% when compared with similar products. finally, the sbs-magic 2.0 , the 3-in-1 module that combines speaker, receiver and touch motor, was also launched with x z dual frequency and two-way vibrated feedback to ensure dimensional feelings and highly integrated structure.


        when it comes to tactus, real technology platform, the touch feedback motor for games and xr controller was released. direct and twist are two mechanical technology platforms for games and xr. real’s performance for ultra-wideband linear motor high-frequency vibration has been improved by 40% compared to similar products, enabling a full immersive sensation. dual achieves the 1st dual resonance system that enables two-way vibration feedback by combining x- and z-way motor. the force feedback machine available on direct can achieve immediate output using fast and precise changes in linear force at any points. twist optimizes force feedback strength and reduces consumption through its torque motor, with its size reduced by 70% compared to similar products.


        the gradual application of such new technological solutions as new-generation rhythm speaker, the 1st dps speaker and multi-dimensional immersive products will certainly create a better acoustics and tactus experience for the end-users.