goertek won good design award for the first time-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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goertek won good design award for the first time-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2023-11-28   source:goertek  

        goertek won good design award for the first time for its unique and innovative designs of two products. good design award is japanʼs leading commendation system and recently unveiled its winners for 2023.

        good design award is one of the four most prestigious awards for design in the world. as the most respected and influential award for industrial design in the asian region, it is  has otherwise being known as "the oriental oscar award of design". the award-winning innovative designs of goertek are wing buds, which are true wireless stereo (tws) earphones for the mild hearing-impaired persons, and a dual-mode modular headphone that can switch between a virtual reality (vr) audio accessory and an earphone.


        the wing buds is responsive and can accurately provide a personalized hearing experience for the user by analyzing the user's hearing loss conditions with customized collection sensors and an application developed with independent algorithms. the innovation of its structural design lies in the ability to easily remove the earbuds as it becomes raised from the case lining after sliding the top cover. this translates to a sense of convenience and ceremony.


        the other award-winning product is a dual-mode headset. this is the first case of core unit modularization, which means it can be used as a wireless headset or be disassembled and used as a vr headset audio device compatible with other suitable accessories. it is capable of generating immersive audio effects in either use-case. the headband structure of the headset is a cloth-wrapped single-piece headband instead of the traditional sandwich structure with steel sheets, thus making it more comfortable and breathable.

        in line with the mission of "a better life enriched by technology", goertek has been committed to creating such products since its founding by imparting humanism and concepts of well-being into product designs with modern & cutting-edge technologies to fulfill people's aspiration for a better life.