goertek and kopin jointly launched a light weight vr hmd ——elf vr-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
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goertek and kopin jointly launched a light weight vr hmd ——elf vr-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

publisher:goertek   issuing time:2017-06-05   source:goertek  
santa clara, usa – june 1st, 2017- goertek launched the prototype of the next generation vr hmd-elf vr at the 8th augmented world expo. a ground-breaking pc-based vr hmd that integrated kopin “lightning” oled micro displaying technology with goertek’s innovation capabilities. compared with other vr products, elf vr is enhanced with ultra-high screen resolution and refresh rate, small and lightweight form-factor design and other characteristics:
  • elf vr is equipped with kopin "lightning" oled microdisplay panels, which featured with 2048*2048 resolution of each panel, to provide binocular 4k ultra-high image resolution and 120hz refresh-rate. the image resolution almost doubled from current mainstream vr hmd design and the refresh rate is significantly enhanced as well. combined with both 4k ultra-high image resolution and 120hz refresh-rate, elf vr provides much less grainy images with excellent quality, and effectively reduces the sense of vertigo.
  • the microdisplay panels on elf vr are manufactured with advanced ultra-precise processing technics. its pixel density was increased by around 400% compared to the conventional tft-lcd, oled and amoled display, and the screen size can be reduced to approximately 1/3 at similar pixel resolution level. the elf vr also adopted an advanced optical solution with a compact multi-lens design, which enabled it to reduce the thickness of its optical module by around 60%, and to reduce the total weight of vr hmd by around 50% as well, which can significantly improve the user experiences for longtime wearing.
  • with system optimization on both hardware and software, the motion-to-photon latency of elf vr is less than 20 milliseconds, which provide users with comfortable, immersive vr experience during movement.


as a leading global odm/oem in virtual reality market, goertek is committed to providing clients with highly integrated one-stop-shop products solutions. the shipment of goertek’s vr products in 2016 was over 1 million units, with around 80% share of global pc vr and console vr annual shipment. goertek also cooperated with many industry leading companies and jointly released multiple vr hmd design platforms.

kopin is a market-leading high-tech company in smart wearable and displaying devices markets, which has been focusing on the r&d, production and sales of micro displaying devices, and other related techniques. the elf-vr combined with kopin’s advanced technology and innovation capability of goertek in optical, id,me,ee,etc. to provide users with comfortable and immersive vr experiences.

according to authoritative marketing reports, the compound annual growth rate of micro displaying technology market is up to 15 percent between 2015 and 2025. with this condition, microdisplay screen producers will be critical up stream suppliers in both vr and ar markets. goertek acquired 10.1% shares of kopin with 24,664 million dollars in april 2017, and signed a series of strategic cooperative agreements with each other. goertek is taking advantages of kopin’s advanced technologies in micro displaying and voice chips areas to maintain and strengthen its existing advantages in smart hardwire area. the next generation of elf vr is predicted to be launched in 2017 ifa, at that moment, this headset will be designed more fashionable, comfortable, and lighter to start a new vr era.

about kopin

kopin is a world-leading high-tech company in smart wearable areas, which mainly provides computing technologies and technical solutions for fields of military, manufacturing, public consumption. kopin went public listed on nasdaq in 1992. kopin’s technologies covers fields of micro displaying, optics devices, voice enhancement, software, low power consumption intergared circuts and vr headsets, with 300 international technology patents, and 95 percent of them are related to smart wearables.