vr/ar hmd

our vr hmds use the latest lens development technologies along with mature ergonomic designs to create an unparalleled user experience.

viewable peripherals

from traditional wireless gaming controllers to motion-sensing controllers, goertek is committed to improving user experience by developing better products.

panoramic camera

integrating advanced image processing technologies to show you perfect 360 degree vision.

vr/ar optical capability

goertek can provide a wide variety of vr optical solutions such as aspheric lenses, fresnel lenses, pancake module and ar optical solutions such as freeform,birdbath and prism reflection technologies. goretek continuously invests in r&d to further advance vr/ar optical technologies such as optical waveguides, microdisplays and more.

optical solution in vr/ar

goertek focuses on the design and manufacturing of cameras and lenses employed in smartphone and vr products. our optical lenses have precisely calibrated diopters to give you the best vr/ar experiences.

systematic solution in vr/ar

providing one-stop systematic solutions with vertical integration capabilities:
• total r&d solutions including optical, id, me, ee, rf and sw.
• total manufacturing solutions including components, molding/injection calibration, fatp and factory automation.