campus recruitment-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发

 campus recruitment-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发
talent recruitment
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goertek has maintained a close relationship of research collaboration and talent training with well-known institutions both home and abroad, and it has conducted a long-term strategic cooperation with universities, such as chinese academy of sciences, beihang university, beijing university of posts and telecommunications, nanjing university, and ocean university of china, and developed an in-depth discussion and implementation of industry-university cooperation in acoustics, optics, materials, automation, software and other professional fields.

goertek has attracted more than 800 talent graduates every year, named “wings of goertek”, which means hope and expectation. they select core talents and provide relevant training for those who are engaged in enterprise r&d,technology,and marketing. in addition, through establishing scholarship, guiding interns, and implanting courses, goertek constantly consolidates the employer brand and constructs a better teaching and research platform.

  • pay attention to the development of science and technology and conform to the times
    goertek is a company that pays attention to the development of science and technology,every employee improves together with the company.
  • personal growth of work is multifaceted in the process
    since i joined the company, i have learned a lot about life, professional skills and knowledge.
  • working atmosphere affects working efficiency
    during my working time in goertek, i got along well with my colleagues and superiors. the good working atmosphere also improved our working efficiency.
  • corporate culture is the soul of a company
    during my working time in goertek, i can feel the company's culture practically in my work and life, keep the company's mission in mind and move forward towards the company's vision.
jobs major recruiting numbers workplace

1、proficient in specilized knowledge, strong execution capabilities, (experience in related project development is required for the postgraduates. );
2、excellant in english, korean and japanese are preferred;
3、excellent in character and learning, a strong sense of responsibility, and able to work under pressure.

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